In today’s episode, I interview Nikolay Piriankov, co-founder of Taylor & Hart; a $5M eCommerce brand in the jewelry niche.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How he came up with the idea for his business model
  • The steps he took to actually get the business off the ground
  • How they got their first product reviews
  • What Minimum Viable Product looked like and how well it worked
  • What message the website originally communicated and what they learned as a result
  • What their marketing funnel looks like and how this impacts their traffic acquisition strategies
  • How they are different than Blue Nile
  • What kind of content they are showing consumers that don’t yet have intent
  • How they define purchase intent and how they attract this traffic
  • What they use for lead capture and nurturing
  • How they are using social media to drive traffic
  • How Pinterest plays a role and the hack they discovered along the way
  • How they are using Instagram
  • How they are taking advantage of social shopping and retargeting
  • How they are using email marketing
  • How they are incentivizing additional purchases
  • What they are doing to incentivize customer referrals

Today’s Guest

Nikolay Piriankov is the founder and CEO at Taylor & Hart. The company specializes in custom-designed engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Nikolay graduated from the University of Manchester in the UK and after starting several eCommerce ventures he saw an opportunity to greatly improve the jewelry shopping experience through Taylor & Hart. Combining the best of traditional jewelers and faceless online offerings, Taylor & Hart is your personal jeweler, helping you create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

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