“There’s no silver bullet, there’s no one way that works for everybody.” ~Lee Gladish

Forget about the secret sauce. There is no such thing as a marketing silver bullet, especially out there in the wild west of digital marketing. But there are plenty of proven tricks and methods you can use to improve your marketing strategies today and it is my mission to bring them to you week after week.

In episode 368, Stefan and I sat down with AirborneApp CEO Lee Gladish. Lee shared with us his playbook for successful B2B demand generation, and he talked about how important it is to automate the right things at the right time.

In this episode, you’ll find some great strategies for advanced B2B demand generation.

Lee Gladish’s Bright Ideas

  • Know Your Market
  • Try a Little Bit of Everything
  • Automate and Sequence
  • Make Use of Content

In episode 369 I sat down with Francis Nayan to talk about vital strategies for improving your business’s email engagement. According to Francis, you have to court your customer, be entertaining, demonstrate your value, and show your uniqueness.

Want to learn a better way to engage with your customers? This episode will teach you how to get more email clicks, engagement, and sales.

Francis’s Bright Ideas

  • Care About Your Customers
  • Be Anything But Boring
  • Create a Rockstar First Impression
  • Incentivize a Response
  • Optimizing Email Engagement Through Deliverability
  • Sales vs. Content Emails
  • Emphasize Customer Benefits


Need to Solve a Labor Shortage? Hire Remote

(Content from Boldly)

What if we told you that we’re overwhelmed with job applications right now?
In the midst of the news stories about how nearly every industry is struggling with a labor shortage, making hiring impossible and excellent job candidates as rare as a unicorn, we’re experiencing something else. Our applications have doubled in the last quarter.
It’s no surprise why this is happening.

In 2020, many people were able to avoid the work commute, and had a chance to spend more time with family and friends. They acquired the habits and skills necessary for working from home. For a year, as people were forced to change how they worked, they also had a chance to step back and rethink their lives.
After all of that rethinking, guess what many of them decided?

Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Pew Research Center study done in late 2020 found that of those workers who said their work could be done at home, 71% were currently working from home, but prior to the pandemic only 20% had the opportunity to work remotely. That’s an incredible number of newly-skilled remote workers.

The research also found that 54% of those people would like to continue working from home instead of going back to the office.

Why do they want to work from home?

  • They realize their career is no longer geographically restrained.
  • They want a better work life balance, because 2020 put a lot of things into perspective.
  • They want more flexibility in their work, with more control over how and when they work.

Instead of returning to their previous job where they’d have to go back to the office, facing long commutes and reduced personal freedom, they’re going after everything on that list. The most talented workers are turning to remote work, and if that’s who you want to hire, that’s where you’ll have to look.

Flowster’s VA placement service can help you get started.

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