In today’s episode, I interview Nathan Bradshaw – a full-time Amazon seller and eCommerce entrepreneur.

In our discussion, Nate and I talk at length about how he has implemented a large number of documented business processes in his organization and how doing so has allowed him to massively increase his monthly revenue (he doubled it in just 5 months).

If you aren’t yet a full-time seller, or you haven’t even started selling at all yet, you will find this interview jam-packed with actionable golden nuggets that you can implement in your business today.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How Nate got started in eCommerce back in college
  • Why what he was doing early on wasn’t sustainable for the long-term
  • Why Nate chose the wholesale model for his Amazon business
  • How he grew his company to $60K per month – and then the major “aha moment” he had that allowed him to quickly double his monthly revenue in just 5 months
  • Why he feels that he could not be successful without his business systems
  • How virtual assistants are absolutely critical to his success

Today’s Guest

Nate fell in love with ecommerce after he started selling college textbooks on Amazon over 12 years ago. He has engaged in pretty much every business model possible on Amazon, and 18 months ago made some major changes to incorporate wholesale as part of his Amazon business. In addition to being an Amazon seller Nate is an ecommerce entrepreneur and also offers Amazon management services through is company, Olixo, which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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