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Mineral Weekly Update for August 8th

Race For 20K Agency Challenge August 8 ab split testingHi Bright Ideas readers, my name is Drew, I blog at drewsanocki.com, and I run an agency — Mineral.io — that is competing with Trent’s Groove agency in the Race to $20K in recurring revenue.

So July was a “zero” month for Mineral: we started the month at $7K recurring, and we ended the month at $7K recurring.

The big reason for this was it’s the summer!

Every summer my family and I hit the beach every Friday – Monday, which typically leaves me only three days in the office. And during those working days I do a fair amount of consulting outside of Mineral, so Mineral definitely took a backseat.

Mineral did, however, relaunch our landing page over the past week. The new one is up at Mineral.io — as you can see it’s a bit of a “long form sales letter”. At the top, you’ll see a lot of empathetic writing meant to draw the reader in. This is followed by a more-or-less clear articulation of our solution, and at the very bottom, is a pricing table.

We also have a “B” version of the page that is more visual and less copy intensive, so I’ll be sure to work that in for some nice AB split testing.  We also are preparing a short autoresponder course to integrate with both pages to improve lead conversions.

The persona we are targeting with the page is the Shopify store owner. We went pretty narrow here because 1) they represent some of the better clients in our current concierge MVP, and 2) I plan on blogging for Shopify over the next month. Hence the focus.

Our plan is to have Shopify store owners read through the page, click through the pricing table, and hit a Recurly checkout. $20K in recurring revenue will result (again, according to plan).

Will it all work? We’ll find out soon — next week we will start driving some traffic to the page, and I’m holding a short webinar for Shopify store owners.  With any luck I’ll have more income to report by next update.

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