How Oktopost is Building Marketing Share Using Inbound Marketing & Crafty Social Media Promotions

social media content management with Mark Lerner

Mark Lerner is the Director of Marketing for Oktopost, a social media marketing and content distribution platform for B2B companies. Mark is a jack-of-all-trades and his roles include social media marketing, content marketing and distribution, business development, and growth hacking.

Groove Digital Marketing has recently started using Oktopost in our own business and we really enjoy it. (Hint: try it out, they offer a free trial.)

If you are not familiar with re-purposing content, this interview will show you how to save a ton of time and produce a high volume of content with less effort than you think. Of course, you will also learn how to use Oktopost for social media content management and promotion.

Listen now and you’ll hear Mark and I talk about:

  • (02:30) Introduction
  • (03:40) How did you define your target audience?
  • (07:10) How did you build relationships with influencers?
  • (12:40) How did you develop your content roadmap?
  • (17:40) How do you re-purpose your content?
  • (26:00) How do you use social media to promote your content?
  • (31:00) What is the purpose of your content marketing?

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About Mark Lerner

Mark Lerner is a marketing guru with years of experience in the world of startups and social media. He’s the Director of Online Marketing at Oktopost – the B2B Social Media Marketing Platform – Tel Aviv, Israel.

Mark has a BA in Psychology from Boston University and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University. He joined the Oktopost team in late 2013 and has helped take their marketing activities to a new level.