In today’s episode, I interview Josh Lucas – an entrepreneur who has managed to build a $2M Amazon business without quitting his full-time job in the banking business.

If you are still employed full-time and are looking for a proven side business to put yourself in a position to eventually quit your job, this is the episode for you.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How Josh has systematized product sourcing so that he can outsource it to a virtual assistant
  • How Josh uses a very creative cash management strategy using credit cards
  • How to rapidly build credit with Amazon Lending
  • The role of systems in Josh’s success
  • Josh’s advice for transitioning from OA or RA to wholesale
  • Why Josh thinks having some level of experience on Amazon is a very good idea before approaching brands

Today’s Guest

Josh Lucas works full-time as a commercial banker and started his Amazon business as a side venture in early 2016.  He transitioned to the wholesale model in late 2016 and did $1.1M in revenue for 2017.  Josh has continued to grow his Amazon business, while maintaining a full-time job, by outsourcing and using systems/technology to scale.  His company is on pace to do $2-2.5M in revenue for 2018.


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