How Jon Loomer Built a Thriving (and Highly Profitable) Online Community of Advanced Facebook Marketers

Jon is a Facebook marketing coach, author, speaker and strategist. He became an early user of Facebook for business purposes while working for the National Basketball Association in 2007. Jon launched Jon Loomer Digital in late 2011, and in little more than a year established both and his Facebook Page as go-to resources for Facebook marketing research, guides, and tutorials.

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Life After Selling

In this fascinating interview, Jon Loomer and I talk about how two layoffs in a row led him to create a blog…and then how, over time, Jon was able to turn that blog into the hub of what has become a hugely popular (and highly profitable) community of advanced Facebook marketers. We also talked about Jon’s recommended strategy for using Facebook to grow a highly engaged audience, even when starting from zero.

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