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How to Craft an Elevator Pitch

How often have you been asked, “so what does your company do?”

Whenever you find yourself in this situation, you have about 15 seconds to provide a brief description of your company that either captures the person’s interest (making them curious to know more) or….well…they go into snooze mode – and you’ve lost them for good.

  • Having a solid elevator pitch is the solution to this problem.
  • With a solid elevator pitch, you will know what you are going to say every time. 
  • No more fumbling and blurting out something different every time.
  • So how do you create a sales pitch that can be said in under 30 seconds?
  • You need to have a structure to follow that includes:

1. Opening Line

If your audience can’t remember anything else, this is the one sentence you want them to remember. 

Here’s an example:

I’m a sales rep with Schedule Inc., which is an online scheduling tool that helps you get the best use out of your most productive times of the day.”

2. One Clear Benefit

If you had to choose the ONE biggest benefit of what you sell, what would that be?

Here’s an example: 

“Schedule Inc. helps workers manage their energy rather than just their time by building out schedules based on the times when you’re most productive.”

3. One Unique Value Proposition

Everyone has competitors. What is something that helps to set your company apart?

Here’s an example:

“We’re the only scheduling tool on the market that allows you to create customized blocks of focus time where meetings can’t be scheduled.”

4. A Proof Point

Now that you have pointed out the main benefits and one point of differentiation from your competition, you need to include some proof in your pitch. 

Here’s an example: 

“The other day I was talking with a marketing director who uses Schedule Inc. for his team, and he said that the team’s total productivity had increased by 65% since they started working with us.”

5. Call to Action

I’ve always been a huge believer in the value of asking for what you want. Want a date? Ask. Want a raise? Ask. Want someone to buy? Ask.

Here are a few examples:

If you think it makes sense, why don’t we schedule a quick call after the event to chat more about what Schedule Inc. could do for your team?”

“Is this something that might interest you?”

“Would your team be in the market for a new scheduling tool?”

Flowster’s Elevator Pitch

As the founder of Flowster, I’m constantly being asked why my company does.

Here’s what I tell people:

Flowster is a simple process management tool that makes it really easy to delegate work to a virtual assistant who has had absolutely zero training. 

We are the only process management tool on the market that is 100% focused on the eCommerce niche and we have an ever increasing library of pre-made process playbooks like our Amazon Seller Playbook.

We created these playbooks over the course of the last three years, and during that time, our own eCommerce business ranked #254 and #622 on the Inc 5000 list.

If you’d like to be able to easily delegate more work to a virtual team, why don’t we schedule a quick demo so I can give you a tour of our Amazon Seller Playbook?

A Bootstrapped SaaS Journey to 10K MRR

Today I discovered Jon Yongfook; a founder that has bootstrapped his SaaS to $100K ARR in 1 year and much to my delight, he’s published a post that chronicles his journey.

Here’s some of the key learnings:

  • Focus is crucial. After juggling several projects, he didn’t make any money until he focused on one.
  • A 50/50 time split building and marketing got him to $6k MRR in 6 months (1 week building/shipping, then 1 week tweeting/blogging).
  • What’s better than knowing your target market is knowing what they’re trying to get done. Repositioning around this nearly doubled revenue to $10k+ MRR in 3 months.

If you’d like to continue to learn from Jon, you can follow him on Twitter.

I’ve reached out to invite him onto the podcast so that we can do a deep dive into the details of his journey.

You can also expect me to publish a similar post for Flowster (We’ve bootstrapped to over $100K ARR as well) in the very near future!

If you aren’t publishing this type of content, you are preventing other people from having the opportunity to follow your progress and potentially become a customer.

Check out the huge lift in traffic that Jon has seen over the last year!

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Bright Ideas

  1. This is an absolutely brilliant thread for SaaS founders: Julian Shapiro is a smart cookie, and when I retweeted his thread, it received almost 4X the impressions of my next tweet.
  2. SEO Tips: How to easily get backlinks to your content: A brilliant link building (made easy) strategy, courtesy of Ahrefs.
  3. Clever Marketing Tips for Under $300 Each: In this Twitter thread, I summarize budget marketing tips I learned from Omar Zenhom
  4. Notes from the Clubhouse room that I did with Ben Thompson on how he’s grown his Amazon brand management agency using cold outreach.
  5. For Amazon Resellers: How to Leverage Teikametrics to Win New Accounts. In this broadcast, we talked about how to use the Teikametrics to gain access to data about a given brand that the brand themselves would not likely have.
    Whenever you show that you are more informed than a brand, the odds of your persuading them to work with you go up exponentially!
    On a related note, you can get our free Flowster playbook for Teikametrics software here

What I’m Working On

Over the last two weeks, I have invested the bulk of my time into creating an outbound marketing system that is 100% automated. 

I built this system because Flowster is at the point where we need to have as many 1:1 conversations with our target audience (brands) as possible so that we can better understand:

  1. Their biggest problems
  2. The language they use to describe these problems

Here’s an overview of the process flow that I have now automated.

The beauty of this system is that the only manual labor required is:

  1. Adding leads to the machined once every week or two
  2. Replying to all the replies that I receive on a daily basis

While the system is working exactly as planned, the results to date are not yet satisfactory; largely because I don’t yet have the messaging dialed in…but that will get fixed over time as I have the chance to talk to more brands to learn about their biggest problems, and the language they use to describe these problems.

Get a Free Copy of My System

To make this automated email outreach system available to anyone else that needs it, I will soon be publishing an article that I have spent the better part of a week writing. 

It is called The Definitive Guide to Outbound Marketing (2021) and it is a massive 6,500 word document filled with detailed information, images, etc…

In addition to the guide, we’ll also be publishing all the Flowster workflow templates that go along with the guide – all for free!

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