In today’s episode, I interview eCommerce expert Gary Nealon and during our discussion, Gary and I talk extensively about the strategies and tactics used to grow the RTA Cabinet Store into the $40M success that it is today.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How Gary crashed and burned on the first business that he bought
  • How he got started in eCommerce
  • How he went about attracting traffic
  • How content played a role in his traffic strategy
  • How he got his company on one of HGTV’s shows
  • How they determined what to write about (back then and now)
  • How thinking about the way people worded their search phrases affected their SEO
  • How they uncover what people are asking questions about these days
  • How video plays a role in their content
  • How they repurpose content from one form into many other forms
  • How they incentivize their customers to provide them with before and after videos/photos
  • How they create differing user experiences for their shoppers
  • How they uncovered the differenced between their various avatars
  • How they customized their site to meet the needs of each avatar
  • How they make use of upsells and downsells in their marketing funnels to increase revenue
  • How they determined which products to promote most at the top of the funnel
  • His best advice for new eCommerce entrepreneurs
  • How to really dive into your niche and understand how they speak

Today’s Guest

Gary Nealon is the Founder of Nealon Solutions, offering strategic marketing consulting services designed to help you scale your eCommerce business, increase revenues, and maximize profits. Gary’s strengths in strategic planning, SEO, and social media have helped him build two multimillion-dollar businesses in two completely different niches, with RTA Cabinet Store landing on the Inc. 500|5000 list five consecutive years in a row for its explosive growth.


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