In today’s episode, you are in for a real treat! My guest on the show is an eCommerce entrepreneur by the name of Dr. Edward Group, founder of Global Healing Center. When I heard Dr Group had accomplished with his healthcare company, I knew what I had to get him to come onto the show so I could grill him with questions and uncover all the clever tactics that he used to achieve the results that he has.

If you are a brand owner and looking for proven methods to build your brand, grow your audience, and increase your bottom line, I think you are going to love listening to my conversation with Dr. Group.

During out talk, we talked about how he transitioned his business from a location-based model to one where they can now work with patients around the world. We also took a close look at how Amazon fits into their overall strategy; what they like about it, and the things they wish they could change.

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Questions Asked During the Interview

  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • Tell me about where your company is at today?
  • How did you come up with the idea?
  • How did you generate your first 100 sales?
  • What is your largest source of traffic today?
  • How does Amazon fit into your eCommerce strategy?
  • What was one major mistake you made along the way?
  • If you were to give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

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Today’s Guest

Dr. Group is a world-renowned natural health expert, best-selling author, and frequent guest on radio and television. As a healer and natural health advocate, Dr. Group has dedicated his life to helping others. Dr. Group’s mission is to identify and eliminate the root cause of disease. He is founder and CEO of Global Healing Center, an industry leader and innovator in the field of natural health. Through his company and his media appearances, Dr. Group is spreading his message of positivity, hope, and wellness throughout the world.

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