How to Convince a Brand To Give You A 90 Day Trial As A Seller

Congratulations! You have gotten past your first phone call with a prospective brand.

The company decision maker is on the phone and they are on the fence about whether they will allow you to sell their products online, especially on Amazon.

Instead of selling them on handing some eCommerce sales over to you, it’s much easier to convince them to give you a trial run and test out working with you for 90 days. Can you feel how that seems less intimidating or risky for the decision maker?

So how do you do this?

Well, imagine as a brand getting a phone call from someone saying they want to pay to advertise your product. Wouldn’t you be intrigued to know why and what the benefit is for both of you?

Of course you would!

In today’s video I give you the details on how I offer this incentive and the terms that come with it.

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