How to Hack a Trade Show – The Daily Nugget

In today’s eCommerce marketing hack for wholesale sellers, we are going to talk about how to hack a trade show to get the maximum bang for your buck.

To set the stage, here’s my story….

There I was, a trade show newby trying to walk around the aisles looking for brands to talk to and feeling pretty frustrated because there were too many brands and not enough time to talk to them all.

The big problem was that finding out the information I needed was really time consuming, and when I did finally determine that I should talk to a brand, I wasn’t prepared to make a strong enough first impression. That meant I was wasting a huge amount of time and not being nearly as effective as I could be.

Thankfully, I discovered how to hack a trade show by planning my trade show approach well in advance using a specially developed system and my virtual assistant!

Thanks to the system I created, it became crystal clear to me how to make use of my VA to ensure that they got all the important information for me – BEFORE I attended the show.

That way, I would never have to attend a trade show without being totally prepared every again!

Want to know how our system works? Watch the video and I’ll walk you through it step by step.

Once you understand how to properly hack a trade show, you’ll become a trade-show master and you will be able to land more accounts than ever before.

When you watch this video you will learn:

  1. How to determine which brands to talk to
  2. How to ensure you a totally prepared to knock their socks off
  3. How to have your virtual assistant do all the legwork for you