The Most Effective Way to Meet Other Successful Entrepreneurs

In today’s video I want to talk with you about a conference that I attended recently, what I learned, and how it will apply to you.

Tickets for the conference started at $1,000. There was also a $3,000 option, and a $10,000 option.

I bought a $3000.00 ticket.

Now you may be asking “Why did you pay for the $3000 tier if the information provided is the same?”

Simple, the information you receive at a conference is not just about the speakers. It is about the people you meet.

The #1 reason I chose to pay extra was this:

By paying $3000 I was guaranteed to be around other people who could afford to also invest $3,000 to attend. Ideally, I would be the least successful in the room.

By being in a room of this caliber it meant that everyone I met I could learn from and/or build a relationship with. As a result of meeting these individuals I could in some way more rapidly advance my business.

My major realization after attending the conference was that I not only wanted to share this lesson with you, but help you act on an opportunity just like mine.

Watch this week’s nugget video to learn more about our brand new mastermind group called the eCommerce Fast Track. It doesn’t cost $3,000, but I guarantee you that everyone who joins will already be having success of some level and will also be driven to grow from wherever they are now.

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