In today’s episode, my guest on the show is an eCommerce entrepreneur by the name of Dave Munson, founder of Saddleback Leather Co. During our discussion, Dave and I talked about how he initially created his first product by accident and then how he leveraged that product into what is now a 300 person company.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How Dave got the word out
  • How much he spends on advertising
  • How he comes up with the designs
  • How Dave’s love of traveling affects his brand perception
  • What branding means to Dave and how to get it right
  • How a crushed coke can fits into his branding methodology
  • How much of Dave’s new customers come from word of mouth
  • How Dave is using social media to put his brand in the spotlight
  • How Amazon fits into their marketing strategy
  • How video fits into their marketing strategy
  • How corporate partnerships have helped Dave’s company grow
  • How social media sweepstakes have helped Dave’s company grow
  • What advice Dave would give to his younger self
  • Why Dave feels that quality is so important in today’s marketplace
  • What books Dave recommends to other entrepreneurs

Today’s Guest

Dave Munson lives the quintessential American dream: A wife, two kids, a home in Texas, and the owner of a wildly successful small business. But he says he’s just an ordinary guy doing what he loves…and what he loves is running a company that makes ridiculously high quality leather bags.

While working as a volunteer English teacher in Mexico, Munson discovered a need for the perfect bag: One that wouldn’t tear, one whose zippers or buttons wouldn’t break, and one that could withstand a beating or two. Munson never could have known that stumbling into a small leather goods shop would change his life. The man whom he met there crafted Munson’s vision for an ideal bag. Once he received that bag, Munson knew he had to share it with the world. He took it back to the U.S., and is not exaggerating when he says he got three or four complements on the bag every day – and the more he carried it, the more people wanted to know where they could get one of their own.

Today Dave’s company employs close to 300 people and has come to be known as one of the premier brands in its industry.


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