In today’s episode, I’m joined, for the 3rd time, by Dan Meadors – the guy I learned the wholesale business from.

In Dan and I’s conversation, we cover all sorts of ways that you can increase your value to your suppliers so that more of them will approve you to sell their products on Amazon.

After getting into the nitty gritty on how to add value, we shifted our conversation to cover the strategies and tactics that we are using to grow our business outside of the Amazon channel.

During this part of the conversation, Dan and I compared our strategies and also outlined how taking this approach would have a significant impact, over time, on the value of our companies.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  1. How to deal with “we don’t want any more Amazon sellers”
  2. How having fewer sellers will help a supplier to reduce risk
  3. How showrooming influences offline sales and why your suppliers should care
  4. How to be sure that your brand tells the story you want to sell
  5. Why brands are better off with fewer sellers on their Amazon listings
  6. What Dan and I are doing to expand our sales outside of Amazon
  7. The tools we are using to generate non-Amazon sales
  8. How the structure of your funnel can have a huge impact on AOV

Today’s Guest

Dan Meadors and his business partner Eric Lambert started selling on Amazon in 2011 using a credit card with a $600 limit.

Since then they have utilized Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Private Label & primarily Wholesale to generate multiple millions in sales, with their business continuing to see exponential growth.

Dan and Eric also developed The Wholesale Formula, the premier training program for selling products wholesale on Amazon.


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