“There’s two kinds of pain. The pain of failure and the pain of having the determination and the discipline to do something every day that you need to do to keep the momentum going and be a success.” ~Mark Schaefer

Obstacles arise during the entrepreneur journey and they will test your discipline. It’s not about starting off with some incredible drive or talent; it’s about committing yourself to the process ahead and having a never-ending desire to learn more. This week, I bring you two podcast interviews with two achievers that didn’t start off as experts. But they committed themselves to learn more…and that makes all the difference.

Mark Schaefer is a popular business-related keynote speaker with 30 years in the fields of global marketing and sales. He has written numerous bestselling books and inspired countless marketers and entrepreneurs.

Mark recently joined us on episode 373 to share his knowledge on building momentum and developing a strategy from every opportunity. Tune in to learn the golden nuggets behind his book “Cumulative Advantage” and use them to make your path to success.

Mark’s Bright Ideas

  • When Marketers Abuse Customers, They Rebel
  • Momentum is the Pursuit of an Idea
  • Develop a Strategy from Opportunities
  • Pay Attention to the Shifts and Seize Them
  • Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Proof
  • View Mentorship in a New Light
  • Face Challenges with a Constancy of Purpose

Aaron Hinde is the co-founder and president of LIFEAID, a beverage company that has been ranked in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies in the US three years in a row. He joined us for episode 372, to share the story of how he was able to overcome bankruptcy and achieve success by changing his mindset.

Life can be hard sometimes, knowing how to handle it is what sets you apart. Tune in to this episode to learn how to overcome adversity, and regain the life you want.

Aaron’s Bright Ideas

  • Mind Your Words and Actions
  • When Overcoming Adversity, Don’t Be a Victim
  • Choose a Target Market
  • Offer Something New
  • Sharpen the Saw


Content Creation Becomes a Lead Generation Strategy

Mark Schaefer and I talked about how interviews, like the ones I do on the Bright Ideas podcast, can be an excellent lead generation strategy.

(Content from BusinessGrow.com)

Think about it.

You’re trying to get to know a potential customer. You invite them to a podcast/video/blog interview. For most people, this is a big deal … an honor. They’ll be excited to be on your show or blog and probably share it with their entire family.

In an interview process, you’ll spend 45 minutes or an hour chatting with them over Zoom, the virtual equivalent of meeting for coffee. You now have a face-to-face bond with your business connection that can lead to anything. And you’ll always have that interview “halo” surrounding you.

This has been a secret lead generation strategy for many business leaders. My friend Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert and an exciting keynote speaker told me:

“When we first started Social Pros (podcast), the premise was “what if we just interviewed our future clients?” That’s still the overarching business case for the firm. And even if show guests don’t become consulting clients per se, the relationships built on-air provide benefits down-the-line in several respects.”

I don’t need to take up your time elaborating on this idea. I just wanted you to think about how the simple process of doing interviews and creating content can be an effective lead generation strategy for your business.

Greatest Hits

Agency founders! I recently purchased a FB advertising course from Udemy for a whopping $23. The course has actually been quite good and worth well more than the $23 I paid for it. Happy to share what I’ve learned.

Bright Ideas

In the last month, I have discovered an entirely new way to leverage Facebook ads to quickly get valuable feedback on product / market fit and messaging. This method beats surveys and research calls, hands down!

Under the Hood

We launched an entirely new interface for Flowster this past week. I’m incredibly proud of the interface and the team behind the renovations.

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