In today’s episode, we have a very unique story to share. My guest on the show is an eCommerce entrepreneur by the name of Brian Goulet, founder of During our discussion, Brian and I talked at length about how he discovered his unique niche and then how he used some very crafty marketing strategies to grow his company into the 40 person success story that it is today.

Questions Asked During the Interview

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many employees do you have now?
  • How large is your company today?
  • How did you pick your niche?
  • Why did you pick this niche?
  • Tell me about how you came to understand the needs, wants, and desires of your niche?
  • How did attending the fountain pen trade show affect your strategy?
  • Tell me about how you went about trying to sell your pens back in 2009?
  • How many posts have you published on your blog so far?
  • How has video played a role in your marketing?
  • How have your blogging results changed over the last 3 years?
  • How has social media had an impact on your blogging?
  • Which delivers better results for you today? Instagram or Facebook?
  • How are you using Facebook groups to engage your audience?
  • When did you create this group and how many people are in it?
  • How are you using Facebook ads?
  • How are you using Instagram ads?
  • Where do you typically send the paid traffic?
  • Why did you initially focus on brand building vs product sales?
  • What do you think your brand’s number one job is?
  • How are you using sweepstakes to generate leads/sales?
  • How does user generated content play a role in your sweepstakes?
  • Why did you switch to Shopify?
  • How do SOPs play a role in your company?
  • What is the coupon code that people can use?
  • How can people get in touch (brian.goulet on Instagram)

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Today’s Guest

Brian Goulet is co-founder and CEO of, an e-commerce retailer of fountain pens and writing products. Starting in his dining room with his wife in 2009, he embedded himself into the passionate community of fountain pen users through social media. That set the stage for a team of 40 people now at Goulet Pens, which is arguably the largest online fountain pen retailer in the world. Publishing new video content every other day for 9 years to over 110k YouTube subscribers, publishing 1,800 blog posts, and promoting to an Instagram following of around 100k, Brian makes a compelling case for focusing on education-based content, strong company culture, and personal branding.


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