How to Leverage Reddit to Build Your Audience

brent csutoras tells how he is using reddit for business growth.

You’ve probably heard of Reddit, but do you know how to leverage it to grow your business? Have you tried using Reddit for your business but found it difficult to figure out how to get results?

Brent Csutoras is a social media strategist and entrepreneur who specializes in social media marketing, content marketing and viral content creation. He’s been involved with the Reddit platform for a long time.

Reddit is a group of thousands of communities. No matter what you are interested in there is a sub Reddit for you to join in on the discussion. The whole purpose of Reddit is to share content that a particular sub Reddit would find interesting and would like to discuss.

Listen now and you’ll hear Brent and I talk about:

  • (01:00)  Introductions
  • (04:30)  What is Reddit supposed to be used for?
  • (07:30)  Why should a B2B Marketer care about Reddit?
  • (10:30)  Can Reddit be useful to companies that offer a service?
  • (24:00)  What is the approach that I need to take to succeed on Reddit?
  • (29:30)  How do I find the rules for a sub-Reddit?
  • (31:40)  Why should I study the moderators?

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About Brent Csutoras

BrentCsutorasBrent Csutoras is a social media marketing strategist and entrepreneur, who specializes in social media marketing, content marketing, and viral content creation. Brent speaks regularly at some of the largest and well known conferences, such as SMX, Pubcon, SES, and InfoPresse. He has also been mentioned in NBC News, Diversity Journal, Ecommerce Times, Forbes, Wired, Health, the American Marketing Association, interviewed for, and quoted in Entrepreneur, as recently as 2014. Additionally, Brent acts as Head of Social Media for Alpha Brand Media and as the CMO for Pixel Road Designs, which is one of the leading Infographic and Social Media design firms.