In today’s episode, I interview Brad Bernhart, founder of

Back in 2011 Brad started selling wooden spoons online – mostly because he loved making them and he hoped that one day his side gig might grow to the point where he could quit his job. This is ultimately what happened.

Along the way, Brad learned all sorts of valuable business lessons – from how to create a scalable manufacturing processes, to marketing, to team building. He’s put these lessons to use in a business that now employs 7 people.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How Brad launched his business
  • How Brad learned to generate website traffic
  • How I’m using sweepstakes to launch my new eCommerce business and how Brad plans to do the same
  • How standard operating procedures have played a critical role in the growth of Brad’s business
  • How Brad generated press coverage that translated into a massive increase in revenue
  • How Brad and his team coped with the exposure they received from the press

Today’s Guest

It’s a typical story. Brad graduated from highschool, took 4 years off to ski-bum, got the college degree, sat at a desk for 6 years, quit his job and started a business! Now Brad is an ex-mechanical engineer who is 8 years deep into applying his knowledge and experience in that field to one goal… make the most useful wooden kitchen utensils ever. He is a father of two wonderful kids and is based in a small town at the base of the Beartooth Mountain Range in Montana.


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