How to Podcast and Attract Clients


Wondering how to attract clients with podcasting?

Podcasting is so much easier than taking a regular ‘sales guy’ approach. You get to be a reporter, and most people respond much more positively to a reporter than a salesman. The number of ‘No’s’ you will get to a request to be a podcast guest will be much smaller than those you get asking for a sales to prospect with a podcast

Podcasts can also be an incredible networking tool. People like to connect with industry authorities and as a show host you will be seen as an authority.

Some of the golden nuggets you’ll hear on this video:

  • How to find interesting podcast guests that resonate with your audience.
  • Exactly what to say when you reach out to potential podcast guests.
  • How to determine if this person or their company is a potential lead for your company while you are conducting the pre-interview.
  • How to conduct an interview so that it is attention-grabbing by focusing on company success stories that get your audience saying “I want that result!”

Watch now and you’ll learn:

(00:51): Why a podcast?
(03:25): Finding & Inviting Podcast Guests
(08:30): The Pre-Interview
(11:50): The Interview
(15:50): Technical Details of Podcasting

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