4 Ways You Can Become a Stalker


I have recently decided to become a stalker, and I think you need to do the same.

Say what?

Before you go thinking I’ve lost my mind and am about to become some kind of creeper, let me clarify that I’m only using the word “stalker” as a euphemism for a methodical approach to expanding your professional network!

Why You Need to Network Every Day

For many people (me included), the thought of going to a networking event to “make small talk” with strangers holds very little appeal. Having said that, over the last year, one of the most important realizations that I have made is that, even though I run an online business, networking with others is a “must-do” activity…which is why I have included it in my content marketer’s daily activity checklist (free download).

When you spend time getting to know other people, you are creating all sorts of opportunities. Here’s just a few:

  • You can learn from them
  • You can get referrals from them
  • They can help you to promote your content
  • They can help you to promote your products
  • They can introduce you to other people who can do the same

Obviously, to get results from your networking, you need to go into it with a “help others firsts” mindset, and you actually need to target the right people – and that is where having a Stalker List comes into play.

How to Create a Stalker List

notebook listIn a post I published the other day, I described how you can use Followerwonk to help you build a list…but what I neglected to mention was a few other ways to do it…plus, in today’s post, I want to share with you how to use it.

In addition to using Followerwonk, you might also want to try some or all of the following ways:

  • Go to Amazon and find a list of authors who have written books that would be of interest to your audience
  • Google terms like “top 50 social media influencers” or “top 50 marketing blogs”, etc…
  • Copy the title of a blog post that would be of interest to your audience and then search on Twitter for people that have shared that post
  • See who some of your favorite influencers are following on Twitter

One thing to keep in mind. Keep your list short, probably no more than 20 names. Then, as you start to get traction with some of them, you can move them onto a “maintain” list and add some new people you’d like to get to know.

How to Use Your Stalker List

One you have you list, you should do the following:

  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Circle them on Google+
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Friend on Facebook
  • Comment on the blog
  • Share their content
  • Retweet their tweets
  • Comment on their Facebook page

When you do reach out to these people, don’t be creepy. Don’t adore them. Instead, find ways to add value to their conversations. Treat them with respect and have confidence in what you have to offer. You won’t become pals with all of them, but some of them will end up becoming valuable business allies, and when that happens, the benefits can be incredible.

What do you think?

Do you have comments or questions? Please use the comment form below. If you have a strong opinion one way or the other, I’d like to hear it.

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