Leadership: How to Start a Software Company

how to start a software company - an interview with Laura Roeder


Today I interview Laura Roeder, who founded LKR Studios in 2009. Laura has built quite a name for herself teaching people how to create internet fame and how to use social media to further their business objectives. Out of that business she got an idea for a software product that helps people to use social media. The name of the software is Edgar.

Today we talk about the challenges of transitioning from an information products only business to the software business. Laura details the different skills and approach that are required to run a successful software business.

If you are thinking of starting a software business this is going to be a great interview for you to listen to.

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Sales Strategy: How Tinderbox’s BDR Program is Generating 60 New Customers a Month

Adam Becker details sales strategies for new customer acquisition

Is your sales organization bringing in a steady stream of new customers? In this episode, I interview Adam Becker from Tinderbox. Adam is the Director of Sales for Tinderbox and his role is making sure that the sales and lead generation teams are productive.

Tinderbox is a SaaS company focused on the sales productivity space. Specifically, they work with the documents sales teams are using on a day-to-day basis. This interview describes how Tinderbox uses a sales driven organization to add 50-60 new deals per month with the average deal size of $12-15K annually.

Tinderbox has a somewhat unique issue in that their customers don’t even know they have a problem until they get an education. Want to know the exact process they are going through to get their prospects attention?

You’ll not only learn that, but also learn in painstaking detail:

  • How they are finding people for their team
  • How they are training their team
  • How they are providing lists to their sales team
  • How they are compensating them
  • How the call structure works
  • How many touches it takes to get a prospect to be interested

If you are looking for insight into how to build a BDR program this interview is going to give you a ton of it.

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Agency Insights: How Julian Stubbs Built a $3M Virtual Global Agency

Julian Stubbs is a brand strategist, writer, and presenter who has developed brand strategies and identities for a wide range of organisations and places – from Hollywood movie company Technicolor, to the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, to the Swedish city of Stockholm.

Julian was formerly owner and CEO of Dowell//Stubbs Brand Communications, but sold the company to GyroHSR Group in June 2007, where he took on the role of Global Head of Branding. He resigned from GyroHSR in June 2010 to found UP THERE, EVERYWHERE with his long time business partner, American Eric Dowell. As Julian’s wife is also American, he thinks God, if he is UP there somewhere, is possibly trying to tell him something, and one day he will possibly have to move stateside to live and see what all the fuss is about.

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Our Chat Today

  • How did you come up with the name?
  • How much revenue are you doing?
  • How did you start your company?
  • How did you get your first few clients?
  • What types of leads are you getting?
  • What types of lead magnets are you using?
  • What types of customers do you work with?
  • Do your referrals play a role?
  • What do you mean by “you don’t pitch”?
  • How are you attracting your team members?
  • Why do your clients care about your global model?
  • Do you use offers of any kind?
  • What types of tools are you using for communication?
  • How do you manage finance and admin?

Content Strategy: How to Develop Content that Moves Leads Through the Funnel

How to Develop Content that Moves Leads Through the Funnel with Paul Roetzer

In today’s show you’ll hear lessons learned from the owners of two Hubspot certified marketing agencies:

  • Paul Roetzer from PR 20/20
  • Trent Dyrsmid from Groove Digital Marketing

Paul and Trent share their thoughts on:

  • How to provide the right reporting to executive level management.
  • Setting realistic expectations within your team.
  • How to properly develop content and a content strategy that moves prospects through your funnel.

Whether you are an agency owner or a person considering inbound marketing for your company, you will learn some important lessons.
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Partner Marketing: Proven Tactics for Startups

partner marketing with Reid Genauer

Reid Genauer is the CEO of Magisto. Magisto uses artificial intelligence to transform ordinary photos and videos into professional movies. Currently they make about 10 million movies/month.

It’s fun to use ->> Go check it out

The topic of this interview won’t be on Magisto though, we will focus on partner marketing. Partner marketing has played a big role in the growth of Magisto.

Listen to this interview so you can understand what to expect with from a partnership and learn how to choose the right partners as you start or grow your business.

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