How I am Using HubSpot AND Infusionsoft to Run Groove Digital Marketing

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Ever since I announced that I chose to use HubSpot for my agency, I have been inundated with tweets, comments, and emails asking me why I “switched” from Infusionsoft to HubSpot and in today’s post, I want to set the record straight.

I Have Not “Switched” From Infusionsoft to HubSpot

The reality is that there is very little overlap between these two platforms.

In fact, pretty much the only area of overlap is that they both can do marketing automation…which is practical terms is this: the ability to create automated follow up sequences.

The differences between the two apps are stark.

Things I use HubSpot for:

  • Planning, organizing, and executing my content marketing campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Calls-to-action
  • Marketing automation for prospects
  • Detailed content marketing analytics

Things I use Infusionsoft for:

  • Sales opportunity management
  • Task management
  • Online payment processing
  • CRM
  • Marketing automation for clients and “sales qualified” prospects (they have gone through the bottom of my funnel and are now ready for one-on-one conversations)

Why Use Both?

While Infusionsoft is much stronger in terms of marketing automation (see the video below for examples), the reality is that for lead capture and nurturing, HubSpot is plenty good enough AND the analytics from HubSpot are absolutely incredible. On the other hand, if I want to improve conversions in my funnel, Infusionsoft’s analytics are virtually non-existent.

For example, with HubSpot I can very easily see:

  • Cumulative traffic
  • Leads captured
  • Landing page views & conversion rate
  • Call-to-action views and conversion rate
  • Emails delivered, opened and clicked (Infusionsoft does this only for broadcasts)
  • Interaction with every piece of content, landing page, etc… on the contact level (in other words, what did John look at, opt into, open, etc…)

To see me explain this and show some specific examples, please watch the video below.

Hopefully this clarifies how wonderfully these two incredible applications work together.

Questions? Please leave them in the comments below.

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  • Thanks for sharing that video Trent. I’m looking at Infusionsoft too. Very helpful.

    • Have you heard about Copyblogger’s New Rainmaker platform? If it’s as good as Brian Clark is saying, which I suspect it will be, I will quite likely switch to it from Hubspot because it will be about $600-700/mo less expensive and NR does FAR more than HS does.

      • Yes I’ve been keeping an eye on it! It looks great

      • rhonda hurwitz

        Trent, Just wondering where you netted out on NR? Have you kicked the tires yet and did it get you to switch from HS?

        • NR is nowhere near where I need it to be yet. I cannot see myself switching anytime soon.

  • Great video Trent – I’m an Infusionsoft guy (as many of your readers apparently) – I wanted to see if you could tell us just a little bit about why you chose to make Hubspot software a part of your service offering (and run the machine) as opposed to Infusionsoft?

    Also – can you comment briefly about being a Hubspot partner vs an Infusionsoft partner? Are both partner programs pretty strong?

    Just looking at a number of Hubspot partner sites, it looks like HubSpot does a really great job to support their partners! I’m actually going to be speaking to a Hubspot rep this week about A) using the software myself in conjunction with Infusionsoft, and B) checking out their partner program.

    Thanks for creating this blog post series Trent – it’s been fantastic! Your honest approach – and letting us look behind the curtain at your processes and efforts to grow the company are invaluable! Thank you —

    • My agency is a content marketing agency, and as such, we needed a tool for content marketing. Infusionsoft is NOT a content marketing tool, it is a marketing automation/CRM/eCommerce tool. In terms of content marketing, it’s completely useless and has no features or reports for this.

      Both partner programs are excellent.

      • Makes sense. I’m meeting with the HubSpot rep this afternoon – I’m very interested to see what a content marketing tool looks like as opposed to a marketing automation tool such as Infusionsoft. Thanks –

        • When you talk to them, please mention I referred you if you’d like my team to handle your onboarding & training. Thanks so much! (or, you can just call me directly and we can get you set up)

  • DocTG

    Thanks for sharing this info. Very helpful. I started with Infusionsoft and then had a chance to use HubSpot in a Google training program. HubSpot just seemed easier for me in content creation. My database is very small so Infusionsoft is overwhelming and I still haven’t been able to really set up a campaign and run it effectively. As a small business, I can’t use both right now. Thinking of just using HubSpot as I hear they are creating a CRM to be released soon but after already investing in Infusionsoft, I am giving them one more try with some additional training.

    • Don’t give up on Infusionsoft. It is very different from HubSpot’s CRM and can help you to automate all sorts of processes; not just marketing. HubSpot’s CRM is very early in it’s development and I’m sure it will evolve into a terrific product. Currently, I’m using both just so I can stay on top of the differences.