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Back in mid-October, I published our very first traffic report after seeing a huge boost in traffic that resulted when I applied some new content promotion strategies that were shared with me.

As traffic generation is a challenge that we all face, I’ve decided to make a habit of the monthly traffic report (plus, starting in January, we’re going to start publishing income reports, so if you don’t want to miss those be sure to become a subscriber).

The goal of publishing these reports is to provide you with more transparency about what is and isn’t working for us here at Bright Ideas. If you think this is a cool idea, please be sure and share this post.

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Audience Overview

November 2013 Audience Overview

November 2013 Audience Overview

As you can see from the above report, overall visits were down 14.33% and unique visits were down 3.80%. Not as good as we would have liked, however, given that November’s traffic was up 52.85% from September – a huge gain for just 60 days – the results aren’t as bad as they might first appear.


November 2013 Conversions Overview

November 2013 Conversions Overview

The graph for conversions above is a bit confusing due to some changes we made in the goals we are tracking. As you can see, the blue line (November results) dropped off quite a bit on November 20th. The reason for that is that I stopped counting conversions that originate from my old blog as that blog, while “dead,” still gets about 150 conversions a week from a Youtube video that I have that gets about 2,000 views a day.

Being as the traffic from that video isn’t really my target audience any more, I thought it was kind of silly to be counting conversions in my goals report.

Now, regarding the big uptick in the yellow line…it went up a bunch on November 15th because I didn’t really use Google Analytics (GA) to track conversions very much prior to then.

Confused yet? Hopefully not…and in future reports, it should be much more straight forward. If you have questions about this, please use the comment form at the bottom of this page.

Landing Pages

November 2013 Landing Page Overview

November 2013 Landing Page Overview

The big win for this month was the 234% increase in the conversion rate of our home page. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that in October, I gave the blog a facelift….and you’ll also know that the new look totally bombed from a conversion perspective (oops), so I quickly released the redesign that you see today.

Unlike a “traditional” landing page, the home page has many calls to action, and the only one that I’m tracking in this report is actual conversions (new subscribers) from the home page.  What I am not tracking in this report is when a new visitor clicks one of the calls to action on the home page and then becomes a subscriber from the second page they view. If I had more time and was better with GA, I’d probably get this set up…but, I don’t, so this is all I have for the time being.

Traffic Sources

November 2013 Traffic Sources

November 2013 Traffic Sources

As you can see, the largest portion of my traffic is from people typing in the URL – or at least this is my understanding of this report (if I’m wrong, I would love for you to leave the correct interpretation down in the comments).

A few months ago, we started to use campaign tracking links extensively in our emails, and you can see that emails to our list definitely account for a significant portion of our traffic. If you aren’t yet building a mailing list, you need to start now (when I release our December income report, you are going to see how incredibly valuable it is to have your own mailing list).

Referral Traffic

November 2013 Referral Traffic

November 2013 Referral Traffic

Social media is an absolutely wonderful tool for content promotion (a topic I cover extensively in my book) and in this report you can see that Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all made incremental contributions to overall traffic. What I cannot tell for sure, is how many people saw our content on social media and then decided to type in the URL instead of clicking the link.


When it comes to understanding GA, I consider myself a complete neophyte. GA collects a ton of data; I wish I was better at interpreting it. That is part of the reason why we are going to publish traffic reports on an ongoing basis – we hope to get much better with our understanding of analytics.

If you are an analytics guru, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below as I, and the rest of our audience, would undoubtedly learn a thing or two!

What Do You Think?

If you have comments or questions, please take a moment to leave them down in the comments. You will get an answer.

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  • Thanks for sharing Trent. Have you implemented reposting of articles and other content using SocialOomph yet? I am setting this up, using old content, images and quotes…(Michael Hyatt style). It doesn’t appear that your social referrals have increased much… just curious if you are or intend to do this. Cheers!

    • Hey Aaron, yes, we have done this using SocialOomph. My wife has our VA do it all.

  • Hey Trent, good stuff man. You mention conversions in the report but you don’t say what a conversion is? Is it an email opt in? And are they all first time opt ins? So it would be 634 new email optins for November? That sounds like a lot! This is something I have to get better at with our report as well, because a lot of our conversions are people who are already on our list.

    The other thing I picked up from the referrers above is your Google traffic is extremely low. Like it looks like 6% of your traffic comes from Google / organic. For us it’s over 50% despite not doing any SEO other than the 5 pre-post things I wrote about last week. I know I’ve said before that I think podcasts aren’t that good for traffic perhaps this is why the Google organic traffic is so low? Because of the amount of audio content as opposed to written content? Although I know you’ve been doing more written stuff lately. How much total content is on your site?

    I’ve written that article we spoke about too with my fav Google Analytics reports and it’s going to be a guest post on the BlueWire Media blog. You could consider using some of those charts in the next update.

    • Dan, by conversion, I meant optins.

      In terms of pages, we have 87 pages and 144 posts. I have to admit that I rarely put any effort into SEO…and it shows. I need to be smarter about that!

      Looking forward to your article on GA. Please be sure and remind me about it so that I can give it a read.

      Thanks, mate 🙂

  • Denise

    This is a great article! I love the transparency you are offering your audience. I find it tremendously valuable to learn from what others are seeing in their GA reports.

    • I’m very happy to hear that. Speaking of transparency…in the new year, I’m going to publish a breakdown of the earning of this site during 2013, so be sure and keep an eye out for that.

  • Useful article Trent. I did a review of my first 30 days after relaunching my blog in November. It’s been interesting to compare and see where I can make improvements and what I need to work on more. Good job!