Digital Marketing Strategy: How to Use Internet Video Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Business with Chris Savage


Chris is the CEO and co-founder of Wistia. He lives and works in and around Cambridge, MA.

He likes to talk about startups, marketing, video, evolutionary health, company culture and doing a lot with a little.

You can bribe him with coffee, a delicious and healthy lunch or a game of ping pong.

He also likes to play with Instagram.

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  • SS

    Good stuff, Trent. I found the audio only version of this video practically unusuable. The audio quality is just not good.

    The video version was a little better, but not much.
    The other content on the page is killer good. Thanks!

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Chris elected not to use an externam mic for this interview. Not sure why. That is why the audio is so bad on his end.

  • roman


    in my opinion.. your voice is way too flat. I listen to Andrew and somehow I keep focus on the audio all the time. That’s not being the case in the 2 interviews I’ve tried with you.
    Just a comment.. hope it helps.

  • I’ve done some video for Amazopia, and just used YouTube. I am a bit concerned about the fact that Youtube owns any video you upload there, and can shut down you channel on a whim. So, I’ve been thinking about hosting my videos elsewhere. But I get a *lot* of traffic (and income) from YouTube.

    1) How would that experience compare with Wistia?
    2) How is Wistia better than Vimeo (which is substantially cheaper)?

    Comment on this video: Chris sounds like he’s at the bottom of a well, and the picture isn’t much better. I had enough trouble understanding Chris that I did not finish watching the whole thing. Not sure that is a super sales pitch for Wistia.

    • Hey Howard,

      I would use YouTube and another provider together in tandem. Drive traffic from YouTube to your site and keep it and convert it with Wistia.

      Vimeo is great and beautiful. Biggest differences to us are our focus on marketers with things like CTAs, marketing focused analytics, video seo for your site, and lots of other tools.

      As for the quality, that can be blamed on GotoMeeting which was used to record the interview. Check out the other videos Trent has embedded on this page for examples of better quality videos. Or swing by for more examples.