How is Creating a Bridge Between Tea Growers and Tea Drinkers with Elyse Petersen

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At Bright Ideas, we’ve talked with some great startups who’ve received support ftom 500 startups. This time it’s, a direct-from-farmers tea company dedicated to the growers around the world. Founder Elyse Peterson has devoted her time to creating a worldwide appreciation for the local farmers across the globe and in other food security campaigns.

From crowd-funding, kickstarter, 500 startups, and more, learn how Elyse used the digital landscape to get her business running. If you’re interested in alternate funding sources for businesses, you’ll want to check out this interview.

Listen now and you’ll hear Elyse and I talk about:

  • (02:00) Introductions
  • (07:00) How did you get the business started?
  • (10:00) How did you use crowd funding?
  • (12:50) How did you bring awareness to that Indiegogo campaign?
  • (16:00) What was in it for the campaign backers?
  • (20:00) What’s it like to get funded by 500 startups?
  • (27:00) What happened after 500 startups?
  • (31:00) What does it mean to be a part of the Las Vegas Downtown Project?
  • (32:30) How has Bitcoin inpacted your business?
  • (37:00) Please tell me about your community

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About Elyse Petersen

Elyse PetersenElyse Petersen is a Global Tea Ambassador with the International Tea Farms Alliance. She spent time working with tea farmers in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan, and this experience inspired her to help grow tea culture across the U.S. and around the world. Petersen is an experienced international development worker in the area of food security, natural resource management, and sustainable food preservation; having served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa and Antigua and Barbuda, and the Eastern Caribbean. Petersen graduated from Shidler College of Business with a Japan-focused M.B.A, and from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, with a B.S. in Food Science and Technology.

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  • Elyse M Petersen

    Thanks for the nice chat Trent. If anyone has any questions please feel ask here and I will followup or email me at elyse[at]tealet[dot]com.

    • Carl A. Carlson

      Elyse you mentioned a blog post by Tim ? that gave something like a template for a indieGoGo campaign if I remember correctly. Would you give us that reference?


      Carl Carlson

    • Elyse, it was a pleasure to have you on the show. I hope this exposure helps you to uncover more opportunities in the future 🙂