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Want More Qualified Leads? Read On and…


Dear Entrepreneur,

The #1 mistake that most would-be entrepreneurs make when starting an online business is that they fail to understand the importance of building a REAL business that will LAST FOR YEARS.

So, with that in mind…what would you rather do:


I’m guessing that you would rather go with the second option, and if so, please allow me to introduce myself and expose you to a very successful lead generation strategy that will help you to put client attraction on auto-pilot – so you can build your very own valuable business, just like I did.

I Started With Nothing

I’m a high school graduate. No college. No rich parents.

My first job was selling photocopiers back in 1991. I invested heavily in sales training (books, courses, seminar) and, as a result, I sold a lot of photocopiers. When I was 21, I was earning more than my parents.

From there, I became an investment advisor for the investment division of the Bank of Nova Scotia (yes, I’m originally from Vancouver, BC). At 23, I was their youngest hire ever. Thanks to my continued investments in sales training, I attracted a lot of clients and my yearly income was about 1/2 the price of an average house. Now I was earning a lot more than my parents.

After that, I decided to become an Entrepreneur. My first venture was to be an eCommerce service provider (what is now known as a Software as a Service company) and I was a total failure in attracting enough investors to fund the development of the software.

Why am I telling you about a failure in a sales letter? Because I want you to understand that I fail just as often as I succeed. Everyone who has ever been successful at anything has more than their fair share of skid marks! What those of us who eventually succeed have in common is our ability to get up, brush the dust off, and keep on truckin.

In the ashes of my failed eCommerce project, in 2001 I started a technology services company called Dyrand Systems. Dyrand went on to become one of the PROFIT100 fastest growing companies in Canada for two years in a row. We sold exclusively to small business customers, and when I sold the company in 2008 we had two offices and 13 full-time staff. We also had a team overseas working on our client’s servers in the middle of the night.


Guess how much I knew about IT support when I started this company?

Zip. Nada. Zilch. As a matter of fact, I still don’t know jack about IT support. But…what I do know about is marketing, selling, and team building.

I was eventually able to sell this company for $1.2 million primarily due to one reason: I’d built up a large amount of retainer based income from my clients and that made my company much more valuable that it otherwise would have been. Plus, I had no part of day to day operations (other than marketing and selling), so the buyers of the company could easily replace me.

The thing that was very unusual about this was that, at the time, virtually no one in my industry was billing their clients this way. Everybody else was billing by hourly fees.

In other words, there were stuck trading time for money and that is not the way to become wealthy.

By focusing on marketing and delivering services on retainer, I had built what I now call a Rocket Company. 

If a kid without a college education from the poor side of the tracks can do this, so can YOU.

Predictable Lead Generation is the Key to Building a Rocket Company

Spend enough time talking to small business owners and you will quickly realize that the number one thing that most of them struggle with is creating predictable revenue growth.

The reason they struggle so much is because they don’t understand how to generate a steady stream of leads. Instead, they pretty much just wing it when it comes to prospecting for new business.

They throw up a website (which usually sucks), they don’t target any particular niche (HUGE mistake), they make some sporadic cold calls, give direct mail a “try”, and maybe even go to some networking meetings.

…and all the while, they aren’t even really sure what they’d say if someone happened to pay attention to them.

Does this sound like a very effective strategy to you? (yes, that was a rhetorical question)


The very best companies in the world don’t wing it. Instead, they carefully design and then ruthlessly test prospecting and selling systems until they are achieving the results they want.

Armed with these systems, they then go out and rake in millions of dollars in sales, making their owners incredibly wealthy along the way. Companies that take this approach include:

  • ReachLocal
  • Yodle

Do you really think these companies are as successful as they are just by chance? (yes, that was a another rhetorical question)

Predictable Lead Generation that Doesn’t Rely on Huge Budgets and Silly Tricks is the Key to Success

Back when I started my last company, we didn’t have a lot of money. In fact, we barely had any money! Because of this, spending a truckload of cash on advertising wasn’t a possibility for us.

Instead, we needed to build a predictable lead generation system that worked on the cheap…and we needed it to work fast.

In my attempts to discover a proven lead attraction system, I talked to as many other business owners as I could to find out what they were doing. Without fail, all the ones that were succeeding weren’t afraid to prospect. In fact they embraced it with a system in place.

Then there were the companies that were struggling. Guess what they had in common? They all thought that prospecting was too difficult. As a result, they didn’t have a system and avoided it like the plague.

Most People Suck at Attracting Clients Because They Don’t Have a Proven System

Successful prospecting used to be about making a lot of cold calls. Those days are over.

If you are still cold calling companies without having a fully coordinated marketing system in place to support your activity, you are making the job of growing your business MUCH harder than it needs to be.

Plus, I’m willing to bet that you totally DREAD looking for clients.

To be successful, you need a totally integrated prospecting system that makes use of email, social media, webinars, and the phone (no cold calls) to get you speaking to qualified prospects that actually want to talk to you – all with the least amount of effort possible.

If you do this correctly, you will totally stomp all over your competition, build a valuable business, and enjoy a life far beyond what most will ever have.

Outbound Marketing Success WITHOUT Cold Calling

no_cold_calls1While many marketers would have you believe that you can build a business solely from killer inbound marketing strategies, I want to emphasize that if you want to really grow fast, you are going to also need to execute a solid outbound marketing strategy that makes use of the phone.

But listen close….I am NOT saying you should make cold calls.

Instead, you should use the phone to follow up with people that you have already established a conversation with.

The phone, when used properly, remains one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox. It can save you huge amounts of time and allow you to do business in cities and towns beyond where you live.

If the thought of using the phone scares you, it’s probably because you are thinking you are going to have to call someone who doesn’t want to speak with you.

What if the only time you had to use the phone was to speak to someone who’d already told you they actually WANTED to hear from you? Wouldn’t that make prospecting a lot easier and more enjoyable?

Small Business Owners Need Your Help

The key to turning client attraction from really hard work into really enjoyable work, is to have qualified leads who actually want to talk to you.

These people know they have a problem and they are actually looking for someone to solve it for them.

When you get to talk to someone like this, getting them to become a client is a LOT easier, I can assure you. Instead of having to deal with all that rejection, you are now spending your time helping business people to solve business problems…and you are getting paid very well for doing it.

Does that sound like the type of business you’d like to run? (yes, that was a another rhetorical question!)

6 Reasons This Works for Entrepreneurs of All Types

Selling marketing services is, in my opinion, the very best business to be in for most new entrepreneurs. Here’s just a few reasons why:

  1. More than anything else, your customers want to grow their businesses and they need your help to do it… so they’re very open to paying you once they trust you – and the approach that I teach earns you that trust right from the start.
  2. You don’t have to quit your job and “risk it all” to get started so there’s no risk of a big failure or any undue stress… take it at your own pace.
  3. You don’t need big piles of money to get started so you aren’t going to have to rack up your credit cards… so no barrier to entry is stopping you.
  4. You only work with who you choose to work with… so you’ll never have to work with jerks or people who cause you undue stress!
  5. Your opportunities for growth are unlimited so even if you choose to start small with a handful of hours a week… you’ll always have the potential to switch to full time whenever you like.
  6. You will be building a business that will generate cash for years to come … because the demand of your buyers remains forever!

Even at the outset when you first start using my client attraction system…

Add just ONE single paying customer each week (from literally dozens of fresh buyer leads!) and you’ll have earned $2,000 in your first month… $6,000 by your 3rd month… and that’s ONLY if you do the BARE MINIMUM to monetize that traffic in the way you’ll be shown.

Push a little harder and get just 3 paying customers each week (again, from dozens of hungry buyer leads hoping and waiting for you contact them) that’s $6,000 every month…

Bring recurring payments into the mix and you’ll have yourself A Sustainable And Reliable Six Figure Income In A Matter Of Months.

Can You Spare 60 Minutes A Day For Your Own Lucrative Buyer Traffic…?

With this system, if you devote just 60 minutes a day, you will passively generate a number of qualified buyer leads every week.

The key to the system is this: once you get it set up, it practically runs itself!

And you can be pulling in 90+ fresh buyer leads per week…

Does every lead become a paying customer? No, they don’t…

… But it doesn’t matter!

Because you don’t need 90 new customers a week to make a very nice income.

Just One Per Week Makes You An Extra $24,000 Per Year!

(without even mentioning recurring payments…)

This buyer traffic will hit your inbox whether you’re working that day or not.

“The key to turning traffic generation into really enjoyable work, is to have qualified buyer leads who actually want to talk to you…”

These people know they have a problem and are looking for someone to solve it for them… and you’re one good decision away from being that someone…

… where you’ll be paid $499+ for that tiny effort.

“This system has business owners giving you their contact details eagerly and actively waiting for you to get in touch with them…”

“With a steady flow of buyer leads coming into your inbox like this, you will never have to make a cold call, ever.”



The Best Buyer Formula is a step-by-step automated approach to creating your own buyer traffic for massive and high-paying business growth, open to entrepreneurs of all types who have the ability to make their own smart decisions.

This is the exact same system that I am using to build my own marketing agency, and when you become a member, you will always have access to all the very latest strategies that are working for me.

Here’s What’s Inside…

Part 1: Find Your Own Personal Buyer Traffic Source

In this module you’ll discover:

  • A special search script you can use to get Google to generate thousands of highly qualified leads for you… This will save you a massive amount of time and give you your choice of the very best leads
  • The biggest mistake people make when building their buyer lead list… Avoid this at all costs to ensure the massive effectiveness of your efforts
  • A simple action you can take that increases the number of contacts you reach by 87%… Almost doubling your profit potential instantly

Part 2: The Power Statement

In this step, you will discover:

  • How to create a compelling, differentiating, client-focused sales story that can be used in all your forms of communication that will gain your prospect’s attention, and position you as the expert of choice
  • How to position your firm in a way that will enable you to charge a premium for the services you provide, thereby giving you substantially more profit to the bottom line
  • How to deliver your message with total confidence so that you never sound like an amateur (unlike most of your competition)

Part 3: The 6 Step Best Buyer Sequence

In this step, you will discover:

  • A 5 step qualification process that will ensure that you are only dealing with the most motivated prospects up front, so you don’t end up wasting huge amounts of time with people who were never going to buy in the first place
  • How to make the phone your friend, and to either outsource or automate the follow up calls so when qualified prospects call you, the only thing you have to do is answer the phone
  • A special mindset hack that will ensure you completely overcome any fear of the phone that may be holding you back
  • How to start a call in such a way as to totally put your buyer at ease so you can go on to have a productive conversation that leads to business
  • A powerful technique that will allow you to email complete strangers and easily enlist their help in getting you in touch with the right person
  • A daily activity planner, monthly goal funnel and a list of the right key metrics to track for optimum results

Part 4: Winning The Deal(s) Like A Pro

In this step, you will discover:

  • The difference between brush-off objections and real objections so that you don’t needlessly lose out on real opportunities
  • The four main types of objections and how to skillfully handle each one with minimal effort
  • The five key steps to overcoming objections so you can keep the conversation moving forward without sounding (or being) pushy
  • How to handle money objections without lowering your price so you can generate the profits you need to keep growing
  • How to leverage “marketing evidence” that will enable you to make your case so compelling that buyers will look foolish if they choose not to work with you

Part 5: They Buy – You Click

In this step, you will discover:

  • Exactly what to charge your buyer leads when they come flooding into your inbox… for the highest quality customers and maximum profit in your pocket
  • Which technology, tools and resources to use to deliver a mobile-friendly website to your clients with just a few clicks of your mouse… saving you hours and hours of labor intensive work

PLUS: Two Very Special Bonus Modules

Bonus Module #1: Leveraging & Outsourcing

One of the most valuable and important abilities you can have, whether you operate mostly online or offline… is to be able to have other people to operate your business for you.

What you learn in The Best Buyer Formula can all be done yourself, of course…

However… if you really want to amplify and accelerate your results, it’s strongly encouraged that you consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to do the work that is more repetitive in nature and take it off your hands.

So in this special bonus module, you will discover:

  • How to attract and hire a virtual assistant to run the prospecting system for you… so you don’t have to ever even think about it
  • How to write a job posting that will attract the right candidate, while repelling those that aren’t qualified… so you don’t waste time with the wrong people
  • Where to go online to find the very best candidates for the lowest cost… so you can achieve much higher profit margins that’ll give you more money to grow your business even more (or buy a new car, or take a vacation, or whatever you have your heart set on!)

Bonus Module #2: Massive Conversion Mobi-Style Webinars…

Does banking $12,300 in a couple of hours – while sitting in your shorts and t-shirt at your desk delivering a webinar – sound good to you?

It happens… and this is where you’ll find out how.

Use this exceptional resource to educate and qualify your buyer leads, and discover how to effectively use scarcity to motivate your potential buyers to take action now.

Webinars, once you understand the right way to do them, are an extremely powerful tool for lead generation, education, and converting your traffic to paying customers.

In this special bonus module, you will discover:

  • How to use webinars to position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche so your competition doesn’t stand a chance
  • How to deliver your message in a way that ensures that you achieve the maximum number of buyers attending your webinar so you can land the maximum number of clients every time
  • A specific webinar invitation sequence that you can easily automate that will allow you to get 3 times as many attendees to your webinar
  • A webinar follow up sequence that you can easily automate that will ensure you connect with every possible buyer who attended your webinar
  • How to create a winning webinar that attracts and converts more buyers so you earn more profits for the same amount of effort
  • Common mistakes people make with their webinars so you don’t have to duplicate them – and waste valuable time and energy
  • The best tools for delivering both live and live-simulation webinars so that you can put your lead generation on total auto-pilot and free yourself up to focus on whatever else you prefer



Time For Your Decision…

Numerous entrepreneurs have paid $200/hour to learn how to implement client attraction systems that actually work, so they can stop cold calling.

As you are soon going to see, the cost of this course is incredibly low relative to what’s been charged for consulting in the past.

Why such a low price if the profit potential is so high, and the effort so minimal?

Thanks to following a mentor’s advice and making the decision to turn these great ideas into a training course, it’s now possible to teach far more people about The Best Buyer Formula without the time-limits of consulting.

As a result, you can now get that very same knowledge for a tiny fraction of the normal consultation price.

So it won’t be the $499 you’ll make with your first paying customer (even this week!)…

And it won’t be the $200 it would cost for a single hour in consultation…



A Personal Note…

Being a successful entrepreneur is the best life ever and I want nothing more than for you to experience the fun, satisfaction, and lifestyle that I’m now so fortunate to enjoy.

Right now you have a decision to make…

You can keep struggling to find new clients…

Or you can decide to take action now, invest in this proven client attraction system and finally get your business headed in the direction you want, once and for all.

Invest in this course and take consistent action to do what I teach you to do, and what I have proven to work in my own businesses… and the businesses of those I’ve consulted.

  • Do This And You Will Get Results…

  • Do This And You Will Land High Paying Customers…

  • Do This And You Will Build A Business You Can Be Truly Proud Of…

Just take a second and imagine what that would feel like. Pretty good, huh?

You’re darn right, it will feel good!

Hey, with your own successful business, that next high-school reunion will be better than ever because you’ll be the envy of all your classmates who are still slaving away at jobs they hate!

There’s exhaustive proof that The Best Buyer Formula provides the secrets of success for numerous businesses and entrepreneurs… and there is absolutely zero risk to you.

Hit The Buy Button And Create Your Own Source Of Hungry Buyer Leads:

btn-147Thanks very much,

Trent Dyrsmid

When you invest in The Best Buyer Formula, you’re going to be given a proven blueprint for building a successful small business you can run from wherever you live and your clients will LOVE you for the services you provide.

You’ll know how to easily find an endless source of qualified prospects…

You’ll know how to have them eager to talk to you…

You’ll know what to say to get them to want to hire you…

You’ll know how to deliver your service without a ton of time consuming labor, and best of all…

You’ll finally be able to move towards quitting that job that you’d rather not need, finding more free time to spend with your loved ones, and exploring more of what life has to offer…

As was told to me years ago, the best way to succeed in business is to be in business and The Best Buyer Formula will teach you exactly how to get started TODAY.

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P.P.S. One last thing: if you let your skepticism prevent you from investing in this course, you’ll get to keep enough money in your jeans for your next fancy dinner, but you will still be stuck right where you are today.

You will still be looking for a proven system to attract clients and build a real business…

You will still feel frustrated that you aren’t yet making enough (or any) money…

You will still be reading forums and looking for shortcuts (while ironically knowing that none actually exist)…

You will still be wondering how to get that first paying customer… or you’ll still be struggling to get the next one.

Does that really sound like where you want to be tomorrow?

If Not – Then Your Decision Is Easy – Hit The Button Below For Instant Access.